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Dear Guests!

Have you ever been to the Venice of the North? Whether your answer is "yes" or "no", now you have a perfect chance to explore the cultural capital of Russia or to see it once again from a different point of view!

Alex's Tours & Travel offers impeccable service to travelers, both cruise ship passengers and air/rail visitors, as well as to those who come to Russia and Europe for other occasions. Our company specializes in individual and family private tours and VISA-FREE shore excursions in St .Petersburg, Russia.
We provide:

  • Visa support including visa-free service for cruise ship passengers;
  • Individual, family and group sightseeing tours of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, Moscow, Novgorod, Volgograd and other Russian cities;
  • Group and private shore excursions for cruise passengers in Tallinn, Helsinki, Berlin, Stockholm, and Riga;
  • VISA-FREE shore excursions for cruise passengers in and around St. Petersburg, Russia with optional one day trips to Moscow;
  • Fully licensed English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese speaking tour guide services in St. Petersburg and the Baltics;
  • Interpreting and translation services;
  • Transportation including railway and airport transfers;
  • Accommodations; and
  • Business assistance.

Alex's Tours & Travel is a team of well trained, experienced professionals who want our guests to feel more than comfortable and well taken care of. Transfer all of your travel worries to our well-trained shoulders and see Russia the way we see and love it. Get the most out of your trip and leave with unforgettable, wonderful memories of St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other Russian or European city you go to.

Under our care you will have only 3 things to do:

  1. Let us know any of your special needs or wishes as they come to mind;
  2. Find our sign with your names on it that we will be holding at the airport, river or sea port, railway station or the lobby of your hotel and ;

Having a private guide will eliminate all of your worries and troubles as you will have your own friendly and pleasant assistant to help you in every way. We'll be glad to make your Russian dreams come true! We are eager that you love this country as much as it is loved by us and by those travelers who have already been here (feel free to contact them and ask whether they received one empty promise from Alex' s Tours)

We offer you unique Russian experiences such as: a countryside trip, staying at a country house with a Russian family, experiencing the Russian "banya" or sauna, enjoying traditional country home made meals and drinks, picking mushrooms and berries, Russian fishing, and much more. There is no limit to your fantasy trip. You may book our private tour, shore excursion or custom-made Russian trip, having created it yourself the way it satisfies your own wishes and interests.

On this site we not only offer our services, but our aim is to introduce you to Russia in general and St. Petersburg in particular. That is why we have included some information about the city's history, places of interest, theaters, cathedrals, as well as information on famous Russian people such as the Romanov family, writers, poets, painters, and composers. Here you'll find information about authentic Russian food, souvenirs, Russian folklore, customs, beliefs, and fairy tales. Everything is richly illustrated for your pleasure.

We encourage you to thoroughly review our web site. We hope you will explore our fascinating country including St. Petersburg and Moscow with our guidance

Why take a Russian tour with Alex's Tours & Travel?

There are many choices out there, some with large companies and agencies. Call us "old fashioned" but Alex's Tours & Travel is not owned by any foreign or even local big company. We are the individual owners who specialize in unique, individualized service for the traveler or business person... Read more...

Shore excursions in St.Petersburg, Russia

Alex's Tours & Travel team is happy to report being 150% fit and trim and ready for the coming Cruise Season. We are waiting for you here in St. Petersburg, Russia fully armed with knowledge, experience, a great work ethic, talented/licensed guides, safe/competent drivers, famous Russian hospitality, sense of humor, and a willingness to serve you in every way Read more...

If you have the dream to visit Saint-Petersburg, Moscow or any other Russian city, to learn more about Russian history, culture, to explore this wonderful country - we welcome all of your inquiries. We will provide visa support, accommodations, transportation, personalized sightseeing tours, and any and everything else that might be needed.

Personal experiences:

Susan Shanley, Sacramento, California
I was introduced to Alex's Tours & Travel by very good friends about two years before I actually traveled to St. Petersburg. During that time my seemingly never-ending e-mails with questions about travel to Russia were answered quickly, thoroughly, and accurately (as time would tell!)...
Read more...>>>

John and Darlene Schwandke, Chicago, IL. USA
Words cannot really express how pleased Darlene and I were with your 3 Day Private Moderate Tour of St.Petersburg and we agree that certainly Kristina is a most excellent guide. By the end of day number three we felt like family and miss not seeing her smiling face in the morning. She is personable, animated, knowledgeable, adaptable, and possesses unique communication skills...
Read more...>>>

Elvira Casal, Miami, FL, USA
I cannot let another day go by without letting you know what a wonderful time we had in SP! We got home yesterday, since we spent some days in Berlin after the cruise. "Send Alex a message" has been on my "TO DO" list ever since we left SP...
Read more...>>>

Nancy and John Wingelaar, Salt Lake City, Utah
Alex and his company took the very best care of us and made our visit interesting and unique. We have not stopped talking about our experiences since our return to the US. We count Alex's Tours and Travel as wonderful hosts and dear friends and would not hesitate to recommend their services...
Read more...>>>

Garth and Darleen Treude, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
What is unique about being with Alex's Tours & Travel is that besides seeing the sights in the cities and surrounding areas, you learn about the history, culture, current events, and the people of Russia. If you go to St. Petersburg and meet Alex, you will have a wonderful trip that will never be forgotten....
Read more...>>>

Adrian and Karen Morrissey, Western Australia
After flying from St Petersburg via Moscow, Adrian and I met with Anna as planned. With only the day to see the sites, we continued with a most excellent tour as you had proposed and arrived back at the airport in good time to fly back to St Petersburg without any anxiety...
Read more...>>>

Ana Maria Bacallao, Miami, FL, USA
I researched and reached out to 3 different companies and Alex promptly answered with the most comprehensive itinerary which could be customized to our interests and needs... the next morning I would have an email from Alex with all the answers. We contracted with Alex and his attention to detail in providing us all the information necessary for the trip was amazing...
Read more...>>>

Karen & Michael, Australia
It was by chance that we found Alex's website when we were looking for alternative tours of St Petersburg rather than doing the often crowded and expensive cruise ship tours. Each contact we had with Alex prior to leaving Australia was dealt with professionally and he answered our questions promptly and honestly...
Read more...>>>

John & Evelyn Haught, Falls Church, VA., USA
From our first e-mail exchange everything became simplified. They handled all the bureaucratic paper work required to apply for a Russian visa; found us a spacious, well-appointed apartment in a top location; developed an itinerary tailored to our limited time-frame and special interests; and treated us like VIP guests from the moment they met us at the airport....
Read more...>>>

Victor and Suzanne Cabel, Calgary, Canada
Alex is the kind of travel organizer that exists only in imagination, but this guy is for real! Once I connected with him about mid-April it was a pleasure to wake up each day and read the return email Alex sent to all my questions...
Read more...>>>

Wendy and Kendra, Phoenix, Arizona
Coordinating our trip with Alex was very easy as he was very responsive! Our trips were customized so we were able to see everything that we wanted to! Whether it was the transportation to/from the hotel/airport or our excursions to Catherine's Palace and the Hermitage our trip went off without a hitch!
Read more...>>>

Brenda Karon, Tucson, Arizona
Because it was my mom's birthday we had Alex set up some special events, a dinner at a local restaurant that was off the beat and path. He had a special cake from a fabulous local bakery waiting at the restaurant. He even had a bouquet of her favorite flowers waiting there for her. Alex made all of the arrangements I asked him to and he was very eager to do it. He went above and beyond to make our trip special and we all appreciated it so much...
Read more...>>>

Art & Martha Segal, Tucson Az USA
Once I contacted Alex, I knew he would do a good job, as he expeditiously responded to my email and answered all our questions. All 26 of the others were thrilled with our arrangements, and more thrilled upon completion of our two day customized tour, as Alex did everything we wished, saved us a bunch of money and supplied us with two outstanding guides...
Read more...>>>

Judy Wilcox, Nebraska
Working with Alex was a pleasure. He answered my hundreds of questions by email prior to our arrival. He offered suggestions for hotels and restaurants. He made reservations for the ballet and folk show for us. He arranged for airport transfers. He helped with documents for our visas. We feel that we got our money's worth...
Read more...>>>

Judith Sachwald, MD, USA
My husband and I had the great pleasure of being Alex's clients however most of the time we felt like his friends and guests. Like you, we found Alex via the internet and were impressed by the options and his personal touch but had reservations about booking without references. We called a few people that Alex previously served to put our minds to rest...
Read more...>>>

John Edgar, Duxbury, MA
I recently spent 3 days in St. Petersburg and Alex's staff made the entire experience seamless and worry-free. They were prompt, courteous, and took care of every detail, which then allowed me to focus solely on the history and beauty of the city...
Read more...>>>

Liz & Derek Laynes, Australia
The fact that you are taken to the locations and dropped off as close to the front door as possible and then picked up afterwards, was nothing short of amazing. We did not have to worry about anything. As I have a disability the thought of traveling to St Petersburg and trying to find our own way around was quite daunting as public transport and the underground are definitely not disabled friendly...
Read more...>>>

Mansi Bhatt, Cambridge, MA
Over the course of planning this trip I realized he is a very genuine and honest person. He was also not at all pushy like some other tour company that kept contacting me even after I told them I had booked with someone else. He even helped us plan a visit to see a folklore show the first evening of the St.Petersburg tour and transportation back to the ship. All the guides were great and knowledgably...
Read more...>>>

The Luces, Miami, Florida, USA
We had a great time, and your tour guide was the best. We felt like we were with family, rather than tour guide. St.Petersburg was beautiful, but what we will remember forever is the kindness and hospitality and the friendship that we felt with you and your tour guide and driver. I will strongly recommend your company to anyone going to St.Petersburg and I hope to return again some day to spend time with all of you...
Read more...>>>

Anne Clarke, Yorkshire UK
I decided to do a little research for an alternative and had the good fortune to come across Alex's Tours. From my first e-mail I knew I had come across a gem, and had no hesitation in entrusting him with the group. Alex answered all my many questions promptly, warmly and has a great sense of humour his professionalism is second to none...
Read more...>>>

May Green, Virginia, USA
Everyone write the praises of Alex's Tours and his super guides. So what can I say that has not been said many times...over and over. YES, he is the greatest.YES, he lives up to his word. YES, he has it together. YES, he made our trip memorable. YES, he has a sense of humor. YES, that is why we hired him...
Read more...>>>

Charlene Rathgeb, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
From the minute I emailed my first enquiry to Alex, I knew that I would be in good hands if I entrusted him to take good care of my group of 16, while we spent our 2 days in St. Petersburg. Alex answered me promptly, warmly, had fantastic suggestions for what might suit my group (very personalized itinerary), and was never bothered by my endless emails and questions. I was gobsmacked by his professionalism and his brilliance...
Read more...>>>

Paul Muench, Washington, D.C. USA
Dear Alex,
My two traveling companions (Janet and Ali) and I would like to express our deepest appreciation to you, our guide Lena, and our driver for making our three days in St. Petersburg a fantastic experience. All the way from our pre-cruise e-mail planning to our final departure leaving your wonderful city, everything was handled perfectly. Your flexibility in being able to customize...
Read more...>>>

Soraya Kazmi, London, Great Britain
Having visited St. Petersburg, I see why it would have been difficult for the other tour companies to accommodate us, as Alex would often carry the wheelchair up the various staircases, but never made us feel like it was a problem or a burden and was always happy to help. I would definitely use Alex's tours if I ever go to Russia again, as I think it's great value for money and they made our trip to St. Petersburg perfect! I would also recommend Alex's tours to anyone, not only people with mobility problems...
Read more...>>>

Lois & Marlene, Calgary, AB Canada
My sister and I recently took a 2 day tour of St.Petersburg, Russia that you had arranged for when our ship, the Star Princess came to port on September 3-5, 2010. I would like to thank you for your quick response to all my emails. You answered all my questions completely and alleviated much of our apprehension. Our tour was absolutely fabulous, unforgettable and exceeded our expectations...
Read more...>>>

Anne & Ian, London, UK
We disembarked after a lengthy wait to get through passport control to be met by Olga our guide and Roman our driver for the 2 days we were in St Petersburg. We had already told Alex where we wanted to visit and so we had a couple of very full days. We went to Pavlovski Palace...
Read more...>>>

Donnell Alexander and Craig Thornley, Auckland, New Zealand
Alex was a superb navigator through both the geography and organisational logistics of St Petersburg, allowing us to make the most of our time in this beautiful city. He was punctual and trustworthy, in addition to being friendly and professional at all times...
Read more...>>>

Ted and Annette King, Melbourne, Australia
By great good fortune we came across Alex’s website when looking for an alternative to a ship-sponsored tour of St Petersburg. Alex’s prompt response and excellent organization meant that we had the best possible experience of this great city over two days...
Read more...>>>

Eileen, Williamsville, NY, USA
Our guide was amazing...she was a talking history book. By the end of the 2 day tour our entire group had a great understanding of Russian history. Finally, our driver was exactly where he was suppose to be at the exact time. We didn't waste one second waiting for our bus or driver! That is really important when you are on a tight schedule...
Read more...>>>

Jean and Gerard Dieters and party, Australia
We can confidently recommend your services; the itinerary was good, we were never rushed, we did not have to stand in long queues, and we were taken to and from the ship every day on time. We also appreciated the trust you place in your guests; you did not ask for a deposit, and only expected payment for the total costs of our three day private tour at the END of the last day...
Read more...>>>

Michael P. Tierney, Greenwich, CT, U.S.A.
Russia is not an easy country for foreigners to navigate by themselves. However, Alex and his carefully vetted team made her endlessly fascinating history, art, politics, architecture, people and traditions come alive for my family in a highly memorable and enjoyable manner...
Read more...>>>

Spencer and Vivienne Snow, Oregon U. S. A.
We are pleased to recommend your services to visitors to St. Petersburg. We hope your business continues to flourish, and feel free post these comments on your web site if you wish, and to refer prospective clients to us for reference....
Read more...>>>

Kevin and Tina Torres, San Francisco, California, USA
Our trip to St. Petersburg was a delightful experience, due in large part to the exceptional service provided by Alex's Tours and Travel. The trip was an adventurous one for my wife and me because it was our first time in Russia, the alphabet and language were new to us, and we brought our 1-1/2-year-old daughter...
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