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Here is some information on Alex's Tours and Travel

Hello, I am Alex Polenov (the "Alex" of Alex's Tours and Travel).

My company specializes in personalized sightseeing tours for travelers on their own and private VISA-FREE shore excursions for cruise passengers, who would like to make the most of their time in St. Petersburg and its surroundings.

I have been working in the travel business since 1996. Having worked with clients from Cruise Ships and independent traveler, foreign business men doing business in Russia, couples adopting children from here, people looking for prospective marital partners, and many others, I have had extensive experience in many areas of the travel field, my work has included helping clients with the bureaucracy and red tape that sometimes needs to be navigated.

I deal with the most talented guides and safe drivers, all of them are fully licensed, very knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They are friendly, hospitable, helpful and pleasant people, who will do their best to exceed your expectations. Many of our clients have sent glowing, complimentary thankyous and would be happy to give you a personal recommendation.

Knowledge, skills, experience, licenses, ratings, and rewards mean much for any company, but the most important thing for those who work in the Service Sector, from my point of view, is to learn, to UNDERSTAND one simple rule: "If you want to be successful working in this field, you should work hard and treat your clients as you would treat your best friends, your family members, or your loved ones". In other words, treat people EXACTLY as you wish to be treated. The next rule which we prefer to adhere is "A job worth doing is worth doing well". We do our job with great attention to detail and thoroughness and promise better service as a result.

Oops.....having said all that, I might have gotten into trouble. My competitors may learn these golden rules too. Well then, I will use another rule: "The tortoise has the same chance to reach the finish line as the hare". We work slowly and methodically, covering all the bases, and reach the finish line with a better product for our customers. The only wise rule I still can not (and probably will never be able to) learn is: "Silence is golden". (By the way, this does not work for guides anyway :-)

We look forward to serving you with class, comfort, and expertise.

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Please feel welcome to contact us