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If you get a wish to come to Saint-Petersburg, Moscow or any other Russian city, to learn more about Russian history, culture, to explore this wonderful country - you are welcome to contact us. We will provide visa support, accommodation, transportation, personalized sightseeing tours, booking and everything that might be needed.

Our prices are very reasonable, based on the size of your group/party, the number of sights you wish to enter and the time spent on the tour. Please send your inquiry to alexp@stpetersburg-guide.com and we will provide you with a personalized itinerary which includes all the fees and rates of your St.Petersburg tour.


russian folklore This is one of those pages on our site that you shouldn't miss out. Here you will find Russian legends, tales, beliefs, and fairy tales. Some fairy tales that we've placed here are written by Russian writers and poets, but they have since long ago been so deeply grown together with our Russian soul that can be considered folklore.

We advise you to read this material to understand Russia better. Every child in this country knows these tales from his or her early childhood. They are buried deeply in our minds, and so many wonderful painters, musicians, craftsmen have been inspired by them!

If ever you are in the Russian Museum, you are going to see paintings by Russian painters that are based on some of these and other Russian fairy tales. Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926) was the painter in whose works the fairy tale theme is expressed most vividly.

If you have already seen the "Shopping" page, you know a lot about Russian schools of lacquer box painting. They took their inspiration and subjects from Russian fairy tales and you are going to see these wonderful pieces of art when here in Russia. Such joy it will be for you to recognize the characters of the fairy tales on the boxes!

To learn the Russian background, please feel welcome to read all that we've prepared for you.

Please feel welcome to contact us