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Daniel, Andra and Danny Barber, Detroit, Michigan

Ours was a very special experience. We were there in St. Petersburg two times to adopt a baby. A company in St. Petersburg was helping us, but they only took care of adoption arrangements and everything else was there at our disposal only thanks to Alex's Tours & Travel. They provided inexpensive accommodation to us as we did not want to stay at a hotel with our son, they helped us with transportation and other things every time the adoption company wasn't there for us. Our guide Julia showed us the real St. Petersburg as thoroughly as it could be shown to the aspiring visitors.

We are going to tell our child about his Russian roots so that he knew the culture and the history of Russia. Julia helped us a lot with that. She is a star on our home movies shot back in St. Petersburg. She took us to a Russian folklore show and that was something awesome. And when we had to go to Moscow for a final appointment at the Embassy, Julia came with us and but for her help everything would not come so smoothly.

Alex and Julia became our dearest friends and we are so thankful to them for having helped us to take our son home. We are a happy family and our story has a happy ending. We would be glad to recommend Alex's Tours and Travel to anyone who desires a safe and happy time in Russia.

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We are at the orphanage playing with our son Danny.

And here we are together with Julia at a nice restaurant in our Moscow hotel before the departure.