Shore Excursions
in St.Petersburg,
Phone: +30 6907131680

Judith and Michael Basset, NZ

Dear Alex

Ludmila did a superb job of organizing our 3 days in glorious (but complicated) St Petersburg. Everything I asked for was included and some extra things as well.

The guide chosen, Nadya, and the driver, Andrei, were splendid. Andrei knew endless 'rat runs' to avoid traffic, and he was always, almost miraculously, able to park where we wanted.

Nadya was charming and knowledgeable as well. She understood our personalities and engaged with us very nicely. I think she would be especially good with British tourists- everyone, really. Nadya also had wonderful negotiating skills. Some of the places where we had bookings would have preferred not to let us in, (you know the sort of thing. Grande dame in blue eyeshadow behind the desk) but Nadya was polite but firm and we had some great experiences. And then, once we were in, the people turned kind. For example, we were let out on to Grand Duke Vladimir's balcony to enjoy the bustling, summer scene on the Neva. VERY special. So we had a marvelous time. Thank you for everything.

Judith and Michael Basset, NZ