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Victor and Suzanne Cabel, Calgary, Canada

From June 8th to 13th of this year my wife Suzanne and I had a dream holiday in St. Petersburg Russia. We spent time in the Hermitage, marveling at the labour that went into the State Rooms, enjoyed a river cruise, visited wonderful cathedrals, spent an enchanted evening at the Mariinsky seeing 'Sleeping Beauty' from a box in the dress circle, went through the Catherine Palace in Pushkin, visited the Alexander Palace in the same town toured the Yusopov palace back in St. Petersburg, spent a morning wandering among the fountains and gardens of Peterhof all the while enjoying Russian cuisine.

All of this was made possible by one Alex Polenov of "Alex's Tours and Travel. Alex is the kind of travel organizer that exists only in imagination, but this guy is for real! Once I connected with him about mid-April it was a pleasure to wake up each day and read the return email Alex sent to all my questions. When June 8th arrived we met Anastasia, our guide and Vladimir our driver - both the best in their profession.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I have removed one more thing from my Bucket List, though I hope to visit St. Petersburg again.A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Alex, Anastasia and Vladimir.

Victor and Suzanne Cabel
Calgary, Canada