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Elvira Casal, Miami, FL, USA

I cannot let another day go by without letting you know what a wonderful time we had in SP! We got home yesterday, since we spent some days in Berlin after the cruise. "Send Alex a message" has been on my "TO DO" list ever since we left SP!

Everyone in the group was extremely happy with the tour and asked me to convey their thanks to you for organizing everything so well. Kristina was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and entertaining as well. She was truly the best guide we had during our cruise! We of course enjoyed learning about the history of the city and its wonderful buildings and artworks, but her accounts of her own experiences and that of her parents and older generations made it all especially interesting.

We had a lot of fun with the folklore show and enjoyed our dinner at Gogol and the ballet. The seats were great!

Thanks again for making it possible for us to have so many enjoyable experiences in SP. We loved your city!

Elvira Casal, Miami, FL, USA