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Garth and Darleen Treude Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow is truly a wonderful and exciting event. Our trip was a huge success and produced lifetime memorable moments thanks to our guide Luda and newly found good friend Alex Polenov.

Alex is an honest, straightforward, wonderful person that provided insight into the historic and personal side of St. Petersburg and the surrounding countryside. He and his colleagues are extremely knowledge, friendly, and helpful. We had contacted Alex while still in the USA, discussed details of the trip, and met him at our hotel the day we arrived. The trip could not have been better - private guide, honest and reasonable that provided us with an experience that will never be forgotten. Additionally, Alex helped us with arrangements in Moscow. Again, the experience was great.

What is unique about being with Alex's Tours & Travel is that besides seeing the sights in the cities and surrounding areas, you learn about the history, culture, current events, and the people of Russia. Our trip was a fun educational and cultural event. If you go to St. Petersburg and meet Alex, you will have a wonderful trip that will never be forgotten.

Garth and Darleen Treude Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Visiting Catherine's Palace, Tzarskoe Selo

We are at "Gorchakov's" restaurant, St.Petersburg

Darleen and Luda. Peter and Paul Fortress visit.

Garth and Alex. Moscowsky railway station, St.petersburg