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Soraya Kazmi, London, Great Britain

I have always wanted to go to Russia, but never had the opportunity. I finally booked a cruise to St. Petersburg with my cousin and then started to look for a more personalized tour, due to the fact that I tire easily. I ideally wanted a private tour with a tour guide and someone to push my wheelchair. After an extensive search, some companies refused to take me as "it would be impossible" for me to see anything, and some said it would be by car only. I became very disconcerted. Finally I found a company that did all that if I brought my own wheelchair and I got a quote that was more expensive than my cruise!

When I found Alex's website and corresponded with him, I knew I found the right one for us. He was helpful, informative and put me at ease, telling me not to worry, he would take care of everything.

Alex's tours not only reached our expectations, they surpassed them from the very first moment I met my tour guide and driver. The guide (Inna) was very knowledgeable and friendlily. We were encouraged to take our time and go to detail around the places we were interested in. We were never rushed and they were always concerned with our well being.

Having visited St. Petersburg, I see why it would have been difficult for the other tour companies to accommodate us, as Alex would often carry the wheelchair up the various staircases, but never made us feel like it was a problem or a burden and was always happy to help.

I would definitely use Alex's tours if I ever go to Russia again, as I think it's great value for money and they made our trip to St. Petersburg perfect! I would also recommend Alex's tours to anyone, not only people with mobility problems.

Peter & Paul Fortress tour. My cousin Alia, Alex and me

Soraya Kazmi, London, Great Britain