Shore Excursions
in St.Petersburg,
Phone: +30 6907131680

Art & Martha Segal, Tucson Az USA

We spent a lot of time looking for a good custom tour for our two day visit to St. Petersburg as one port on our Star Princess cruise.

Once I contacted Alex, I knew he would do a good job, as he expeditiously responded to my email and answered all our questions.

We booked Alex's Tours for us and 26 other passengers we met on

All 26 of the others were thrilled with our arrangements, and more thrilled upon completion of our two day customized tour, as Alex did everything we wished, saved us a bunch of money and supplied us with two outstanding guides (Lena & Kate.)

We are pleased to highly recommend Alex for anyone visiting his wonderful city of St. Petersburg. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Art & Martha Segal,
Tucson Az USA

Me and our outstanding guide Lena at The Catherine's Palace