Shore Excursions
in St.Petersburg,
Phone: +30 6907131680

Gary Smith, San Francisco, California

When you are in an unknown country for the first time, it's hard to make your way without native people to help you. I believe today's tourist vitally needs the company of a reliable and caring companion to smooth out the way. A mere guide is not enough.

As soon as your guide leaves you, you will be lost in an unknown city and you'll have to figure everything out on your own.

The wonders of St. Petersburg are many. But finding them in the best way possible is a magician's trick. And having it all explained to you in English seems a beneficial gift, not otherwise designed for you.

Alex's Tours & Travel are such magicians. If they had not been there at the airport waiting to greet me and leading my way around afterwards, my trip would not be as pleasant as it actually was.

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