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Michael P. Tierney, Greenwich, CT, USA

I have travelled to russia often on business, and from time to time have used tour guides for friends or business associates visiting from other countries.

This past winter, i took my wife and three young adult children to st. Petersburg and moscow, where we were fortunate enough to have engaged the services of Alex Polenov and his first-rate guides.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. From fluency in english, to knowledge of their cities and history, to enthusiasm, to professionalism, to flexibility, to creative approaches for different ages - in all these criteria and more alex and his team far exceeded my past experiences, and my highest expectations.

Russia is not an easy country for foreigners to navigate by themselves. However, Alex and his carefully vetted team made her endlessly fascinating history, art, politics, architecture, people and traditions come alive for my family in a highly memorable and enjoyable manner.

In my opinion, you will not find a better guide service in st. Petersburg than Alex's. Using their services will immeasurably add to the quality of your visit there.

Michael P. Tierney
Greenwich, CT, U.S.A.