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Nancy and John Wingelaar, Salt Lake City, Utah

We consider ourselves very lucky to have met Alex Polenov when he was on a business trip to the US. Having expressed an interest in visiting Russia, he invited us to come to see him in St. Petersburg. We were delighted and took him up on it. It turned out to be our most memorable trip ever.

With Alex as our trip planner and host, we experienced Russia in a most personal way. Our private guide Julia showed us the public St. Petersburg and also the City from a local point of view.

On our trip to St. Petersburg, we were most fortunate be able to go to an authentic Russian country house. It was warm, cozy and the feel of the country was so different from the city. We had a wonderful time enjoying the flowers, vegetable gardens and eating a delicious Russian barbecue. We hear so much about the grueling Russian winters that this pastoral scene was a contrast to how most people picture Russia. It was something most tourists do not get to experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an "off the beaten path" experience.

Alex and his company took the very best care of us and made our visit interesting and unique. We have not stopped talking about our experiences since our return to the US. We count Alex's Tours and Travel as wonderful hosts and dear friends and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

April 2003

Nancy Wingelaar, SLC, Utah, USA

We have been to St Petersburg three times now and have used Alex and his tour service each time. The last time was last year when we did the Baltic Cruise on Princess with three friends. The five of us used his tour services instead of the ship's. We think that being on a personal independent tour is the best way to go. With fewer people you can hear the tour guide, ask questions, tailor your tour to meet your interests, stop at leisure, and have smaller quieter meals. No fighting the crowds for us.

Alex, his guides, and drivers are top notch. They are extremely professional, reliable, willing to please, and will try to meet your needs in anyway they can. We have always been more than pleased. St. Petersburg is a fascinating city with more to see than you can accomplish in a week. I would trust Alex to guide you in your choices if you are not sure what you want to see. If you have a good idea of your preferences, he will make them happen.

Wingelaar Party visiting SP in May, 2015

Nancy Wingelaar, SLC, Utah, USA