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St.Petersburg History and sights

These pages are intended to introduce you to what St.Pete really is. As I have already mentioned, we love our city and our country dearly and passionately and we would like to pass this eternal love over to you.

That is why this section of our site is so important to us.

Here you are supposed to see St. Petersburg in all its beauty and magnificence; for now - in the pictures and texts, in the future - with your own eyes.

We want you to learn as much as possible about the Russian background; yet you will not be overloaded with information as you are going to learn the main part of it with me during our tours and excursions when you are here.

You will be getting to know about what you are looking at right on the spot. So my purpose here is to acquaint you with the most notable facts of our city's history that are crucial for understanding its sights, about which some interesting facts will be given.

The texts are accompanied by beautiful pictures with the views of our city for you to enjoy. So please take a little tour through these pages and/or feel free to choose any of the sights separately to have a thorough look at their beauty.