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Savior on the Spilt Blood Cathedral

One of the most tragic events in the Russian history happened in 1881. The most liberal emperor Alexander II who held a lot of advanced reforms in the country and actually abolished serfdom in 1861 was assassinated by a member of the terrorist organization "People's Will".

On the very place where it happened later a beautiful cathedral was put up (1883-1907) called Savior on the Spilt Blood. It is one of the most wonderful and famous cathedrals of our city.

It is designed in the pseudo Russian style and resembles St. Basil Cathedral in the Red Square in Moscow. Savior on the Blood startles the visitors with its mighty size, multicolored domes, abundance of decor and its interior which is the largest surface in the world covered with mosaics created to religious subjects.

Savior on the Spilt Blood Cathedral

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