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The Neva and the bridges

Nevsky is crossed by three canals which are an integral part of St. Petersburg's beauty. There are a great number of rivers and canals in our city - it is a city "on water". That is why it is often referred to as "the Northern Venice" or "the Northern Amsterdam". There is no pleasure like taking a wonderful boat trip along rivers and canals of our "bridge city".

Oh, the bridges! They will take your breath away. There are about 200 bridges in the city, and among the most beautiful ones are the Palace Bridge, the Trinity Bridge, the Foundry Bridge and the Bridge of Peter the Great across the Neva river, and the Anichkov Bridge across one of the canals - the Fontanka river. It is situated right in the Nevsky Prospect and is considered to be the most romantic place in our city! The Anichkov Bridge is so famous and loved by all for its four beautiful sculptures of men and horses! They are so expressive and dynamic that you would think they are alive! And each of the sculptures is different!

In day and night, winter or summer - Neva so beautiful!

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