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Nevsky Prospect

St. Isaac's is situated not far from the main street of our city - the Nevsky Prospect. It was the first street laid out in St. Petersburg and named after our great Neva river. Nevsky, as we call it, has always been the most popular street with both the visitors and the guests of our city. The most spectacular palaces are situated here, like the palace of Beloselsky-Belozersky, the Anichkov Palace, the Stroganov palace, and many others.

It also used to be called "the street of all religions" as churches of different confessions are situated here. It is the center of the modern life of St. Petersburg. Here you'll find the most fashionable and popular restaurants, cafes, night clubs and casinos, shops, boutiques, offices of various companies, theatres, cinemas, administrative buildings, and much, much more…

Nevsky starts with an immense building of the Admiralty designed in the 19th century by a Russian architect A. Zakharov. In the former times it used to be a fortified shipyard! Now it's a Navy School with a Navy museum. The long gilded spire of the Admiralty with a ship on top is another symbol of our city.

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