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Active Orthodox Churches

But where can the spirit of the authentic icons be better preserved than in an acting Orthodox church?

Oh, you'll be enchanted by the experience of stepping inside, smelling the incense, hearing priests chanting or the choir singing in the ancient Russian language, watching burning candles and seeing people bowing and kissing the foot of an icon…

There are gorgeous icons everywhere. You'll see the holy images of Christ, Virgin, archangels, church patriarchs, prophets, and saints… I will secretly show you the most beautiful icons worth marveling at and tell you in a whisper about different ways to depict Virgin and Child, and more…

There are a lot of beautiful cathedrals and churches in our city, and here are the names of just some of them - sky-blue St. Nicholas Cathedral with five golden domes, single-domed Transfiguration (Preobrazhensky) and Izmailovsky Cathedrals, Prince Vladimir Cathedral, and of course, our most incredible St. Isaac's Cathedral that you will absolutely love!

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