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Other places to see in St. Petersburg

You are going to see all these sights and many more during our city tour on your first day of staying in St. Petersburg. You will also learn about and see such places as the Square of Arts with the Michael's Palace and a monument to Alexander Pushkin, the Spit of the Basil Island with the former Stock Exchange building and the Rostral Columns (former lighthouses), the Mosque - the most northern mosque in the world faced with beautiful blue tiles, the House of Peter the Great - the first building ever put up in St. Petersburg, the Aurora Cruiser whose famous blank shot was a signal to start the storm of the Winter Palace in October, 1917,

the Taurida Palace (where the Provisional and the Bolshevik governments resided at the same time during the period of the "dual power"), the Foundry Bridge and the Foundry Prospect with the "Big House" (the KGB headquarters where a lot of people were tortured to death in 1930s), mysterious Michael's Castle built in the gothic style to the order of Paul I, son of Catherine the Great, where he was strangled to death in 1801, the Summer Garden - the first park laid out in our city soon after it was founded, the Field of Mars with the Eternal Flame,

Isaac's Square with the monument to Nicholas the First and famous Astoria hotel, the University Embankment with its historical buildings - Kunstkammer (the very first museum of Russia), the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State University, the Palace of Peter the Second, the Menshikov Palace, and the Academy of Fine Arts.

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